Douglas and Sena Hineline are both Indiana natives, “Hoosiers by birth.” Douglas grew up in Indianapolis and went to North Central. Sena grew up in Brown County and attended Butler University. The two met while working for the Indianapolis Star, Douglas in marketing and Sena in sales.  San Francisco’s booming tech scene and job opportunities attracted the couple, but when they decided to start a...

Bookacoach platform offers parents ‘safest’ option for sports lessons

If you had to guess how much money parents spend on private sports lessons for kids in America, would you come up with $6 billion? The former athletes who founded bookacoach saw the potential for a...
Those of you who know me know that while I love a new tech story, I also love a good history. Here is a local story that combines the two. The new tech story: While meeting with Brad Bostic, CEO...

Marty Brown is back home again in Indiana as the new One Click Ventures VP Marketing

After five-year run as investment banker, Christopher Day is ready to build something again

Douglas and Sena Hineline are back home again in Indiana - all the way from San Francisco

Sales team struggling? How to get to the root of the (real) problem

At some point, every sales manager is confronted with a team or rep who isn’t performing well. To get to the root of the problem, managers often spend...

'Net Neutrality' a complex issue, but is robust government regulation the best solution?

The biggest takeaway for me from today's New Economy New Rules panel discussion about Net Neutrality wasn't clarity on which camp's regulation demands...

20 Reasons Why WGU Indiana Is Growing and Earning Its Reputation as the 'Higher Education Disruptor'

More than 700,000 Hoosiers have some college but no degree. That's like almost the entire population of Indianapolis fighting with one arm tied behind...

Growing #fightforsmall initiative takes shape with conversation-centric blogging platform, Kickstarter campaign

Our town. Our news. Our businesses. Our stories in our own words. The crossroads of America is now the birthplace of the online crossroads of small...

$1.3 Million Lilly Endowment Grant to Launch Techpoint’s Ultimate Tech Internship Experience

CICP Foundation has received a $1.3 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to support the Xtern program at Techpoint, Indiana’s technology growth...

'Buy Local' tech list is the start of something big

Convincing Indiana CIOs to buy technology from Indiana tech companies isn't as difficult as it once was. In fact, many CIOs are eager to "buy local"...

RepuCare Onsite acquisition highlights value of big data, need for tech-skilled workforce

RepuCare Onsite, a, Indianapolis-based health and wellness company that also operates onsite health clinics for employers, announced yesterday that...

By way of IndyXmas, Austin Stoltzfus joins the ExactTarget team as a UX developer

Double Mira winner DoubleMap presents transit technology to Tech Thursday crowd

CloudOne on inventing the IBM Software cloud: from startup to world leader in less than four years

Indy talent bringing order to the chaos of digital life with Gusto app

Smarter Remarketer Secures $7 Million Investment Led by Battery Ventures